I would highly recommend Pet watch!!

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Pet watch has been AMAZING and our dogs love it! My older dog (10 years old) has severe anxiety when separated from us (stops eating, bloody diarrhea, and vomiting) and he has done great at this place. We never had to get IV fluids and medication after picking him up like we did at other places. We got a new puppy (4 months old) while stationed in Okinawa and was afraid of sending her to a boarding kennel at that age while we were away for work even though we have taken our other (10 year old) dog there before. At first she was scared (which is natural), but she ended up loving this place. Petwatch cost more compared to other places we’ve sent our older dog too before, but they both seem so much happier. They are able to roam free during the day and are taken for walks at a nearby park if weather permits. My favorite part is being able to see pictures daily on their Facebook page. It would be nice to be able to view them via video camera throughout the day, but that could be something in the future. My husband and I are English speaking, so we email them to schedule our boarding dates and times, and they are quick to respond (within 24 hours). The staff have been real life savers when my husband had short TDY notices while I was way in the US for work. I can’t express how awesome they have been and I would highly recommend Pet watch!!